PACK-ATOMIC (additional)

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Welcome to your active living new best friend! 

Pack-atomic is our signature little bag, made to bring your HoA items everywhere in a light and easy way. Obviously with our pack-atomic you can bring anything else inside too!
They're super practical for your travels, your busy days, or for storing little things in your home! 
Yes, they're just…ATOMIC! 


Pick the measurement based on your needs (keep in mind they're a little regulable): 

-SMALL: 9,5ø x 17,5 cm 
HoA uses for: Broker Leggings, Broker Bra, Long Sleeves Freedom Shirt
Suitable also for: makeup accessories, perfumes, tech accessories, and all the little things you wanna bring together. 

- BIG: 14,5ø x 21,5 cm 
HoA uses for: Broker Leggings + Bra kit, Meetings Shirt, Motion Trousers
Suitable also for: bigger accessories, packing your socks or underwear together for your trips, packing your t-shirts. 

Be Ready to catch your day!