Where is my discount code?

If you've signed up for our newsletter, keep an eye out for an email from us. We also recommend checking your spam folder. If you still can't find it, reach us at info@houseofatoms.com

What is the return policy?

To give you all the details you need, we made a separate page. Click here to read all details about our return policy. .

What are the shipping options?

To give you all the details you need, we made a separate page. Click here to read all details about our shipping policy.

How does it work with hand knitted pieces?

We put all the process information at this link for your clarity. If you have other doubts drop us an email or fill in the contact form.

What does it mean "packable" items?

Our packables are our iconic pieces. We thought to the daily active life and designed a product which can be practical, light and easy to bring with you everywhere. All these items are wrinkles free, and comes with an iconic elastic label which you'll use- after rolling it- to keep it in place. All the "packables" come with their "pack-atomic" to pack them inside it, compact and ready with you all the time.

SIZE: I am in between/ I don't know what to pick

First of all don't panic: our fabrics are extremely stretch, that's why our sizes cover more than one; they adapts to your body, so it really depends on the fit you like. If you want it a little bit oversize go for the one up, otherwise if you like to feel really tight take the one down.
Moreover, since we understand every body is different and special, we tried to give you an idea with our size guide (no judgement, we just love to express in a funny way how shapes can be different!). If you still have lots of doubts don't worry, our active team is here for you! Just drop us an email at info@houseofatoms.com or fill-in the contact form.

SIZE: I am petite/ I am tall

We love you the way you are! HoA items are mostly adaptable, this means there ain't be problem of lengths for both petite and tall. Anyway we get you, sometimes is not the same fit as the designed size. Since our shapes/lengths are styled in a long version they're perfect for tall-tall. As an independent brand which produces limited runs, we are currently not able to offer petite sizes on all styles due to the factory requirements for such orders.
Anyway, we would love to have the perfect size for everyone, and we're slowly working on it!
Finally our fabrics are all highly stretchy so there is huge range already, go to see our size guide.
If you would like further advice on fit and suitable styles, please email us at info@houseofatoms.com


Our preorder products are made in limited quantities and are made to order. To reserve the item for you, we charge your card upfront to avoid any future interruptions related to card expiration or replacement. Your item will ship within a few days of the date indicated on the individual product page, if you can't find any indication, please write us at info@houseofatoms.com

Can I cancel or modify my order?

To provide the fastest possible delivery to our customers, orders are immediately sent for processing. For this reason, unfortunately we are unable to cancel or modify an order once it has been placed. If there is an error with your order, please email info@houseofatoms.com and we will do everything we possibly can to assist you.

There is an issue with my order

If you experience any issues with your order please contact info@houseofatoms.com with your details and a description of the issue. We’ll be sure to look after you..

Is my information kept private?

House of Atoms takes the protection of our customers data very seriously. We will not share information with 3rd parties that are involved directly in the processing and shipments of your order. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.